Arun-DasPoet Arun Das is the creator of the poetry of Supreme Consciousness.

Arun Das is an Indian poet. He was born in a small village RAGRA of Paschim Medinipur district of West Bengal.

Poet Arun Das is the creator of the poetry of Supreme Consciousness. According to him, Supreme Consciousness is the indicator, destiny and consequence of Gen Z’s poetic thought.

Arun is not only a poet, but also a great thinker, philosopher and social activist.  

Along with his poetry, a philosophical entity is also moving forward in parallel. With the help of which he easily matched the inner simple philosophy of all the difficult equations of poetry. In his feeling, the relationship between poet and poetry, poet’s thinking, the mystery of poetic creation, the underlying philosophy of poetry is captured easily, fluently and clearly.


About Arun Das

Born8 Nov 1976
CreationThe poetry of Supreme Consciousness
FatherAditya Kumar Das
MotherHena Rani Das

Books of Poetry

  1. ভ্রু ছুঁয়ে যাওয়া পাখিদের ক্যানভাসে (Bhuru Chuye jaoa Pakhider Khyanabhase) – 2000
  2. বর্ণমালার চিঠি (Barnamalar Chithi) – 2002
  3. ছিঃ বুদ্ধ (Chii Buddha) – 2007
  4. চূর্ণীকে লেখা চিঠি (Churnike Lekha Chithi) – 2020
  5. নির্বাচিত কবিতা (Nirbacita Kabita) – 2021

Books of Articles

  1. কবিতার ফর্ম (Kabitar Phorm) – 2019
  2. পরমচেতনার ম্যানিফেস্টো (Paramchetanar Manifesto) – 2020

Book about Arun Das

  1. আড্ডা অনুভবে কবি অরুণ ~ ডঃ রঞ্জিত কুমার সিনহা (Adda Anubhabe Kabi Arun ~ By Dr. Ranjit Kumar Sinha) – 2020

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